An inspiring journey of siblings…

“I am here to help those who are determined to help themselves and who have the courage to step outside the confines of medicine that has not helped them. Is that you? If you have found me, then you have my commitment to do everything within my power to share with you how I overcame cancer using black salve….”
Susan Liberty Hall

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Need Cancer Support?

1.  If you have listened to my radio shows or seen my YouTube Videos, and if that has been helpful to you, please purchase my book so that I can be supported to continue my sincere efforts to help any one who has Cancer.
2.  Please read my book.  This is very important!  The book is short so it won’t take long.  It will answer all your questions, explain the protocol,  and give you everything that I know to help you to duplicate my success.  Then when we speak, you will have the background that is needed to go forward.
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Remember, “If you need proof of life, well, HERE I AM!”


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